Campaign Materials

Campaign Materials

The California Democratic Party reserves the right to maintain orderly conduct in and around the Sacramento Convention Center and public walkways while maintaining areas dedicated for free speech.

Statewide, congressional, state Senate and Assembly candidates, and CDP officers may distribute campaign materials in public walkways throughout the convention center and hotel as long as the materials are deemed not dangerous to our delegates nor impede their movement during our event. Individuals/organizations may pass out flyers to delegates as they enter the hall as long as it doesn’t impede the flow of traffic. Additionally, distribution must be at least 10 feet from doorways, escalators and elevators.

No large signs will be allowed in the Convention Center Hall. Individual small hand carried signs (no larger than 8.5x14) without sticks and small quantities of hand carried materials are OK. The only large quantity of materials or signs allowed in the hall are those that are official CDP materials or have been pre-approved by the CDP and have already been placed in the hall. There shall be no placement on chairs of any materials not approved by the CDP.

No signs are to be placed on walls, windows or curtains, or stuck on the floor. Do not place signs inside the Convention Center or hotels. Any damage created by incorrectly placed signs will result in a $50 minimum charge (per sign), to be paid by the Candidate or organization(s) mentioned on the signs. Any damage done by Candidate or organization(s) stickers (or other materials) incorrectly placed (anything other than on a person is considered incorrect) will result in a $50 minimum charge (per violation), to be paid by the Candidate or organization(s) mentioned on the materials.

Additionally, the California Democratic Party has the right to remove, confiscate, and refuse to allow any sign, placard, flyer, etc. to be allowed or be distributed in any area under their contract.

To get into General Session ("on the floor"), you must have one of the following credentials:

Campaign (Floor)

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