Convention Rules

Convention Rules

Rules for the 2017 California Democratic Party Convention

1. The primary purpose of this biennial Convention is to organize the newly-elected constituted Democratic State Central Committee (This Committee) and elect Statewide Officers and Regional Directors. Matters not heard at the Convention will be received by the Secretary and held over to the next meeting of the Executive Board.

2. The Chair of This Committee shall be the Chair of the Convention and the Secretary of This Committee shall be Secretary of the Convention. In the absence of the Chair of This Committee, the Vice-Chair of This Committee of the self-identified gender other than that of the Chair, shall serve as the Presiding Officer and Chair of the Convention.

3. Delegates to the Convention shall be the members of the Democratic State Central Committee, or their qualified proxies as specified in the Bylaws, whose appointment/election has been transmitted to the State Party no later than February 7, 2017.

4. Seating of the delegates shall be by the Assembly District within Region.

5. No one will be admitted to the Convention floor who is not a delegate, or proxy holder, except by special authorization of the State Chair.

6. Credentialing will be closed as specified by the agenda. In order to vote, and have one’s vote counted, at this Convention, a member must be qualified to vote for that specific office per This Committee’s Bylaws and have timely:

a. paid their dues to This Committee, or had them waived,
b. registered for the meeting, if registration was required,
c. obtained their credential prior to the close of credentialing, and
d. completed and returned to the proper authority any ballot that may be issued.

7. The Credentials Committee shall issue its final report and place the official voting list of delegates in the hands of the Convention Secretary subsequent to the close of registration and prior to the agendized credentials report.

8. Election of Statewide Officers and Regional Directors.

a. All Statewide Officers shall be elected by the entire membership of This Committee. The election of all offices shall take place on Saturday, May 20, 2017. If a Statewide office requires a run-off, that run-off will be held early Sunday, May 21, 2017. Regional Caucuses, comprised of all members of This Committee resident in the respective regions, shall take place on Saturday, May 20, 2017, for the purpose of electing their respective Regional Directors. The ratification of Regional Directors shall take place on Sunday, May 21, 2017. A candidate for any office shall file a notice of intent-to-run for that office with the Secretary of the Party no later than 5:00 PM, May 3, 2017, being the day, which is sixteen (16) days prior to the commencement of credentialing for the Convention. Should the incumbent officeholder fail to file the notice of intent-to-run by that date, then the filing deadline shall be extended to 5:00 PM, May 10, 2017, being the date which is nine (9) days prior to the opening of credentialing for the office. No withdrawals shall be allowed after that date.
b. Following the close of nomination for officers, no additional nominations shall be permitted, except for an office for which no person has been nominated prior to the close of nominations or for which all persons nominated have withdrawn.
c. No vote for any person shall be counted unless the person has been duly nominated for, and has accepted that nomination for the office for which such vote is cast.
d. In the event only one person is nominated for any office and such person accepts the nomination, the Secretary of the meeting shall be directed to cast a unanimous ballot for such candidate at the time of the election.
e. In the event no candidate receives a majority on the first ballot, a run-off election (second ballot) shall be held between the two persons receiving the largest number of votes actually cast for all candidates who have been duly nominated for and accepted the nomination for the office involved.
f. All voting for officers shall be by DNC mandated open ballot process except when there is only one candidate.

9. The Resolutions adopted by the members of This Committee and the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party are expressions of philosophical beliefs and principles that the Party wishes to declare. Any resolution involving a local issue will be referred to the appropriate local Democratic Party entity.

a. Form
(1) All resolutions must be typed.
(2) Inducement (e.g., Whereas) clauses shall be limited to three (3) or less, and resolve clauses shall be limited to two (2) or less.
(3) Resolutions must be no longer than one (1) 8-1/2” x 11” typewritten page.
(4) All resolutions must be adopted by a County Central Committee, or a Chartered Democratic Club or sponsored by twenty-five (25) members of This Committee, or a majority of the members of This Committee who meet at a Regional Meeting as described in Article III, Section 4d of the CDP’s Bylaws.
(5) Resolutions that call for a change in the CDP bylaws or platform, or state the endorsement or support of a candidate for public office or opposition to a candidate who is a registered Democrat, or mandates or restricts the spending of money by the CDP, shall be ruled out of order and will neither be heard by the Resolutions Committee nor be able to reach the floor by way of Section 9(d) below.
b. Timely Resolutions
(1) Resolutions must be received by the State Chair of the Party in Sacramento, by 5 p.m., thirty (30) calendar days prior to a meeting of This Committee, except as provided in subsection (c) below.
(2) Copies of resolutions submitted according to the above procedure shall be mailed by the State Chair of the Party to all members of the Resolutions Committee prior to a meeting of This Committee.
c. Resolutions Committee will present prioritized resolutions in the committee report to the convention body.
d. Late/Floor Resolutions
(1) Twenty-five (25) copied of each resolution must be provided to the Resolutions Committee by the sponsor(s) of the resolution.
(2) All resolutions to be considered at a meeting of This Committee must be presented for consideration at the Resolutions Committee meeting preceding the general session. In order to be considered at the general session, a late resolution must have the unanimous consent of the Resolutions Committee to be considered and all resolutions must be approved by the Resolutions Committee. Any resolution heard by the Resolutions Committee, failing to obtain approval, may be brought to the floor of a meeting of This Committee with the signatures of three hundred (300) members of This Committee on forms approved by the Resolutions Committee.
(3) All resolutions to be presented from the floor shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Convention for signature verification by 5:00P.M. on the day before the resolution is presented.
(4) The sponsor of a resolution presented from the floor shall be responsible for providing the Secretary of the Convention with sufficient copies of their resolution for each member of This Committee.
e. Resolutions pending at the close of a Convention of This Committee shall be referred to the Executive Board of This Committee. All such resolutions shall first be presented to the Resolutions Committee for recommendation to the Executive Board. The Resolutions Committee shall recommend: adoption, adoption with amendment, or rejection. Such resolutions shall be presented to the Executive Board for consideration in its original form unless the sponsor agrees to the amendment(s) recommended by the Resolutions Committee.

10. Requests to hang signs, banners and placards must be submitted before the Convention to the Convention Coordinator. A small fee may be charged per sign. No large signs or large quantities of materials will be allowed in the General Session Hall. The only large quantities of materials or large signs allowed in the hall are those that are official CDP materials or have been pre-approved by the CDP and have already been placed in the hall.

11. In all cases at this convention, proxies vote in districts where the appointing member resides as required by This Committee’s Bylaws.

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