We have a vision for a greener, cleaner California.

“California has the most far-reaching environmental laws of any state and the most integrated policy to deal with climate change of any political jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.” — Gov. Jerry Brown

Climate change threatens our environment and economic future, and California Democrats are the nation’s leader in pushing for renewable electricity, reduced reliance on dirty forms of energy such as coal, and a rigorous greenhouse gas emissions cap.

  • California Democrats are fighting Republican climate-change denial to make our state the nation’s leader in clean cars, energy storage and reducing emissions. 
  • California Democrats have enacted laws that will produce one-third of our state’s electricity from renewable energy by 2020.
  • We passed a cap-and-trade system under AB 32 that is challenging business to generate the innovations we need to reduce carbon output.
  • Gov. Brown signed the Climate Change Pact together with the governors of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia to reduce greenhouse gases and promote clean energy and help meet the global goal of limiting warming to 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2050.
  • Democratic leaders have set ambitious goals to increase renewable electricity from one-third to one-half of our state’s power use by 2030, reduce the use of petroleum in automobiles and trucks by 50%, and double the efficiency of existing buildings through green retrofits.

Dems Lead: The John L. Burton Democratic Headquarters is the nation’s only political office to receive Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) "GOLD" certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Opened in 2014, our union-constructed, state-of-the-art headquarters is an enduring example of how we are building a greener California.