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CADEM Veterans Caucus Chair Ronald Cohen & CADEM Chair Rusty Hicks Releases Statements on Veterans’ Day

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Democratic Party’s (CADEM) Veterans Caucus Chair Ronald Cohen & CADEM Chair Rusty Hicks released the following statements on Veterans’ Day:

Today we honor those who have served our country in uniform – both at home and abroad.

As we come together to commemorate our veterans and their families who have served and sacrificed to protect our liberty, may we celebrate the example of courage they’ve set for the rest of the nation.

During a time when our country continues to recover from the challenges of a global pandemic, it’s far too easy to overlook the things that unite us: our profound gratitude and appreciation for the contributions of our nation’s service members. These service members represent the strength of our diversity, the fortitude of our resiliency, and the spirit of our country.

And beyond their sacrifices to preserve our freedom, they are our neighbors, community activists, farmworkers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and so much more. While we take a moment to reflect on their service, may we commit ourselves to paying it forward by lifting up the voices of our nation’s veterans each and every day moving forward.

-Rusty Hicks, Chair, California Democratic Party

Veterans Day is observed on the 11th Day of November, which originally signified the ending of World War I and Armistice Day, to help focus attention on the important purpose of Veterans Day: A celebration to honor America’s veterans, both men and women, for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

We, at the California Democratic Party’s Veterans Caucus, would like to thank our veterans for their time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. We are forever thankful for what they have done to maintain America’s freedom.

We are all blessed as we see the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in our grasp. If you have not yet received a vaccination, please do so. The holidays will swiftly be upon us. Be Safe!

-M. Ronald Cohen, Chair, California Democratic Party’s Veterans Caucus