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Are you a delegate sending a proxy, or are you a proxy who is attending for a delegate? In order for a proxy to register he/she will need to be sure the DSCC member delegate's 2018 Convention Registration and annual DSCC dues are paid.

ONLY the DSCC Delegate can access their personal login information. Please confer with the DSCC delegate to work out how to obtain the login information or have the Delegate pay their own registration and 2018 DSCC dues before sending in the proxy form.

The DSCC dues may only be waived in writing by the delegate. If the proxy wishes to have the delegates dues waived, the request MUST ONLY come from the DSCC Delegate themselves.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you get a waiver for the delegate dues, the delegate or proxy MUST still pay the convention fees, which cannot be waived. ONLY the annual DSCC delegate dues can be waived.

To request a DSCC delegate dues waiver, the DSCC Delegate MUST please email with the information below.

• Delegates Registered first and last name

• Delegates Registered address on file

• phone number

• email on file or email the delegate member wishes to have on file with the CDP

How does appointing a proxy work?


1. Proxy must be a registered California Democrat and cannot already be a delegate member of the State Central Committee.

2. If you were elected by an Assembly District Election Meeting, proxy must be registered in the same Assembly District.

3. If you were elected by a County Central Committee, proxy must be a member of the same County Central Committee.

4. In all cases, a DSCC Delegate member may NOT also be a proxy holder – no person may exercise more than one vote.

5. In all cases, a DSCC Delegate member should give his/her proxy to a member of the same gender whenever possible.

A DSCC member elected by a County Central Committee (DSCC ID # starts with D4) may only give his/her proxy to a member of the same County Central Committee (on the most current County Party Roster we have on file) who is not already a DSCC Delegate member.

ADEM DSCC DELEGATE A DSCC member elected through the ADEM Elections (DSCC ID # starts with D7) may only give his/her proxy to another registered Democrat who lives in the same assembly district who is not already a DSCC member.

ALL OTHERS DSCC DELEGATE All other DSCC members may only give his/her proxy to any registered California Democrat who is not already a DSCC member.


6. Proxies may be filed in advance by 5PM on Thursday, February 15, 2018, to the State Party Office using the proxy form above, to by scan and emailing or mail to 1830 – 9th St., Sacramento, CA 95811. 

7. Proxy forms, if not file advance, must be submitted on-site at the San Diego Convention Center at the Proxy/Credentials table during Credentialing hours of the 2018 Convention, click here for Credentialing hours.

8. The penalty of perjury statement on the proxy form MUST be signed by the delegate to be valid.

9. It is recommended you give a copy of the completed form to your proxy to bring to Convention, even if you submit a copy in advance.


10. Proxies must complete the 2018 Convention registration process prior to representing the DSCC Delegate.

11. Proxies shall report to the Proxy/Credentials Desk prior to receiving their credential.

12. Dues and convention fees must be paid. Only DSCC Delegate members can request a waiver of dues. Convention fees cannot be waived.

13. Credentialing/Registration ends at 10:00AM on Sunday, February 25, 2017.

See you in San Diego!





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