CDP Acting Chair Gallardo-Rooker Calls on Congress to Halt Trump Border Insanity

This week, our country crossed another terrible milestone - we've now become the kind of nation that fires tear gas on innocent children. As a mother and a grandmother, I know what it means to want the best for your kids - and my heart is weeping for the mothers who are willing to risk so much so their kids could have the chance at a life in the United States, only to be met with tear gas and violence at our border. 

All of our hearts should be breaking. What Trump and his border thugs are doing to these families is cruel, heartless and un-American. It is morally wrong to kidnap kids from their parents. And it is monstrous to fire tear gas into a crowd full of innocent kids. 

These unspeakable acts must stop! I call on House Democrats to use the full weight of their investigatory, legal and oversight powers to ensure that Trump stops using California's southern border to divide our country, harm innocent children and stoke dangerous racial resentments. 

As California Democrats, we must speak out on this crucial issue so that our newly elected Representatives can bring an end to Trump's border insanity. 

Call 202.224.3121 to be connected to the U.S. Capitol Switchboard and reach your representative. We have the power to stop this -  but we must make our voices heard!

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