Independent Investigator Establishes Hotline for Information on CDP Workplace Harassment/Assault

Sacramento, CA – The California Democratic Party (CDP) today announced that a telephone/fax hotline and email address has been established for any information regarding allegations of workplace harassment or assault by former Party Chair Eric Bauman.

“A hotline has been established by independent investigator Debra Hinshaw Vierra of Churchwell White LLP for individuals who have information directly regarding allegations of workplace harassment or assault by former CDP Chair Eric Bauman against current or former employees,” said Acting Chair Alexandra “Alex” Gallardo Rooker.

Individuals with information that might be of assistance to the investigator should contact the hotline by calling/faxing 888.688.4049 or emailing their information to  

“The hotline is maintained by the independent investigator and her staff,” Rooker added. “Ms. Vierra and her staff alone will have access to this information. This hotline is intended specifically for allegations of harassment, assault, and/or retaliation against current or former employees. Other employment concerns should be directed to the Party’s Director of Human Resources, Amy Vrattos." (


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