SCOTUS Ruling Military

 SACRAMENTO – California Democratic Party Acting Chair Alexandra “Alex” Rooker today issued the following statement condemning the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court on the topic of transgender military service: 

“This morning, the Supreme Court opened the door for Trump’s bigoted, unfounded ban on transgender military service to be enforced once again while its legality is still up in the air. The 5-4 ruling tipped by the radical right wing court allows the government to begin turning away hardworking Americans who want to serve their country – simply because of their gender identity. 

“Governor Newsom has said that this move is fueled by ignorance and cruelty, and I couldn’t agree more. UCLA researchers have estimated that nearly 21% of all transgender adults have served in the military. Therefore, this decision by the court – and the original policy of the Trump administration – is a disgrace to the hundreds of thousands of brave trans patriots.” 

“The California Democratic Party stands with all LGBTQ+ veterans who have selflessly given years of their lives to serving and protecting this state and this country. We salute your sacrifice and will continue to fight for your rights.” 

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