Building for the Future

We are investing in California’s future prosperity.

“Today we are the world’s 5th largest economy, and we’re going to keep going forward.” — State Controller Betty Yee

California faces major challenges from drought to our state’s aging roads and infrastructure. Democrats are building California’s future with transportation, water projects, and affordable homes that protect our growth and prosperity.

  • California Democrats are working to modernize our roads and transportation with strong and workable low-emission, zero-emission vehicle standards and strategies and infrastructure to reduce driving such as promoting smart growth, creating "complete streets," teaching bicycle traffic skills, and improving transit, from local systems to high-speed rail.
  • California Democrats championed Proposition 1 in 2014 to protect California's water supply, and Gov. Jerry Brown directed $1 billion to safe drinking water projects and conservation efforts that will help solve the state’s historic drought.
  • California Democrats support action to fix our state’s affordable housing crisis, including local measures to encourage the development of homes for people with low incomes. 

Dems Lead: By winning the passage of the majority-vote budget with Proposition 25 in 2010, California Democrats have ended the boom-bust cycle of late budgets and replaced it with balanced, on-time budgets that fund growth and build rainy-day reserves.