Economic Justice

We are fighting for a fair economy that works for all Californians.

“The difference between Democrats and Republicans on
fighting inequality has never been more clear.”
Former California Democratic Party Chair John L. Burton

California Democrats are dedicated to expand workers’ rights, promote minimum wage towards a prevailing wage, and expand affordable housing and equal pay for equal work. We strongly believe in the ability to organize for better working conditions.

  • We gave more than 1 million working Californians a raise by raising the minimum wage, starting July 2014. California Democrats are leading the fight for a living wage in our cities and counties.
  • We support creating and maintaining public and private sector jobs that permanently lift the working poor out of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency and a secure retirement.
  • We defend employer-provided, defined benefit pensions as an essential part of retirement security.
  • We are fighting for public assistance programs that allow individuals to support themselves and their families.
  • We support the development of new affordable quality housing units for families and individuals with low incomes.

Dems Lead: California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Agricultural Labor Relations Act in 1975, the nation’s only law that protects farm workers’ right to unionize.