Code of Conduct Resource Page

“Our Party is at it’s best when it lives up to our values – including a deep respect for an indivdual’s freedom of expression. But, violence of any kind has no place in our Party…Period. Full stop.” -CDP Chair, Rusty Hicks  


The California Democratic Party (CDP) is committed to providing a welcoming, respectful, friendly, safe, suportive, and harassment-free environment for members, employees, and all others associated with the CDP. To report harassment of any form, please reach out to the independent Ombudsperson tasked with intaking information and deliberating on reported issues. 


Ombudsperson Contact Information: 

Pat Shiu

(415) 261-7816


Resources relating to the CDP Code of Conduct/Conduct Commission:

Code of Conduct

Structure For Misconduct and Harassment 

Adopted Conduct Commission Bylaws