Credentials Committee

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The Credentials Committee is charged with approving the credentials of all persons appointed or elected to the California Democratic State Central Committee (California Democratic Party), presenting a list of qualified members to the Chair of the Committee as soon as practicable, and to hear certain appeals from decisions of the Compliance Review Commission, as specified in Article XI of CDP Bylaws.


Committee Roster 2019-2021

Lead Chairs

Lara Larramendi, Monrovia
Michael Wagaman, West Sacramento


Tim Allison, Newbury Park
David Atkins, Santa Barbara
Carolyn Fowler, Inglewood
Susan McEntire, Sacramento
Kevin Sabellico, Carlsbad
Keith Umemoto, Sacramento
Nora Vargas, Chula Vista
Nina Weisman, Los Angeles
Jane Wishon, Los Angeles


Corey Allen, Long Beach
Steven Bott, Los Angeles
Veronica Casarez, Los Angeles
Temika Cook, San Diego
Stacy Fortner, Valencia
Ilissa Gold, Los Angeles
Felipe Grimaldo Jimenez, Madera
Fariba Hezar, Newport Coast
Emilio Huerta, Bakersfield
Daniel Jameyson, Concord
Una Jost, Pasadena
Jim Mastin, Ukiah
Arianna Medel Cortes, Sacramento
Jillynn Molina-Williams, Sacramento
Suzann Reina, Palmdale
Maha Rizvi, Corona
Michael Vargas, Santa Clara

CYD Ambassadors

Alexandra Beltran, San Bernardino
Yves Chu, Alameda

Committee Staff

Emma Harper
(916) 442-5707

* Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party Bylaws. The CDP Bylaws are available on our website here.