2020 Platform Preamble

The California Democratic Party will fight to defend and promote the rights, opportunities, and safety of all Californians. We envision a California that leads the world as a model of economic prosperity rooted in economic justice, in both our rural and urban communities.

We support an excellent public education system, from pre-K through college, to empower our youth to reach their full potential; a universal, single-payer health care system; good union jobs; sustainably planned communities; a strong democracy from the workplace to the federal government; and, a secure and peaceful world.

Because climate change presents an existential threat to the future of humanity, we will fight to: protect our air, water, and natural resources through renewable energy; locate affordable housing near public transportation; and, develop innovative technology to reduce our carbon footprint.

We honor, celebrate, and support a diverse California, including immigrant and indigenous communities, veterans, artists, children and seniors, and will work to ensure they receive all needed resources.

We believe in equality, liberty, and justice for all – the right of a woman to choose her own future; the right to fair treatment in the criminal justice system; the right to death with dignity; the right to equal access for those with disabilities; the right to free speech; and, the right to live without fear of hate crimes or gun violence.

This Platform defends and promotes these values that support all people’s hopes and dreams for a vibrant future, founded in an affirmative understanding of the intersectional nature of social and economic equity.