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CADEM Chair, Rusty Hicks Releases Statement on Donald Trump’s Visit to Northern California

SACRAMENTO, CA – California Democratic Party (CADEM) Chair Rusty Hicks issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s visit to Northern California amid devastating wildfires:

As brave firefighters and first-responders work to protect our health and safety, deadly wildfires across California have ripped through thousands of homes and millions of acres and it’s clear, climate change continues to intensify natural disasters – leaving victims to endure loss beyond comprehension.

It’s during these trying times when we must reflect on the most benevolent parts of our conscience and ask, what kind of leader do we need to show up for today?

Time and time again, Trump demonstrates that he cannot and will not uphold the values of putting the people of our nation first. He neglects addressing environmental changes and fails to provide real solutions. The only good that will come from Trump’s visit to California is that he will be forced to confront the devastating consequences of a climate catastrophe that his failed leadership and shameful inaction have exacerbated. Trump’s disgraceful climate denialism has left first-responders and firefighters on the line, while Californians are caught in the crosshairs of a climate crisis that is threatening our lives, our homes, and our way of life in the West. 

In 50 days, we have an opportunity to restore the soul of our nation and build back better. Now is the time to elect true leaders like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will fight to protect the people and environment for generations to come – not stand in the way of climate action and blame others.

California and the nation deserve better.”


CADEM is the nation’s largest statewide Democratic Party, representing over 9 million California Democrats.

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