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2024 Post-Primary Endorsement Process General Information Memo

FIND DEMOCRATS RUNNING IN YOUR DISTRICT: Use the CADEM Candidate Endorsement look-up tool to find Democrats running in your district.

2024 Special Endorsing Caucus Information

Primary Endorsement Results

Election Results for November 2023 Endorsing Caucuses
2023 Endorsing Caucus Results – Vote by Vote
2023 Pre-Endorsing Conference Results

General Endorsement Information

2023 CADEM Endorsement Calendar – Posted February 27th, Updated June 22nd, Updated October 6th

CADEM Endorsement Process Image – Posted July 21st

Legislative Candidate Endorsement Guide – Posted September 25th

Statewide Candidates Endorsement Informational Memo – Coming Soon

Memo U.S. Senate Endorsing Filing Period – Posted October 6th

Pre-Endorsing Conference Information

2023 Pre-Endorsing Conference Vote-By-Mail Ballot – Posted October 14 @ 8:45 AM

2023-24 Pre-Endorsing Conference Ballot Submission Form – Posted October 14 @ 8:45 AM

Pre-Endorsing Caucus Speaker Order Drawing – Posted October 11th @ 11:00 AM

Pre-Endorsing Conference County Central Committee and Club Representatives ID # Code Definition – Posted August 16th

Objection to Automatic Endorsement of Incumbent Candidate Petition Form – Posted September 22nd

Endorsement Registration Information for Candidates

Legislative Candidate Endorsement ApplicationClosed

U.S. Senate Candidate Endorsement ApplicationPlease email [email protected] for more information

Endorsement Information for Clubs

Duties Overview – 2023 Endorsements – Posted March 2nd
2023-24 Endorsement Guide for Clubs – Posted June 12th

Local Endorsements

The California Democratic Party issues endorsements in federal and state election contests, including statewide, U.S. House, State Assembly, State Senate offices, and statewide ballot measures. The Democratic County Central Committees consider and issue endorsements in local and municipal election contests. To find out more about your County Party’s endorsement process, please contact the Central Committee near you using the link below! 

Find your local County Central Committee

Past Endorsements

2022 Endorsements
2020 November General Endorsement Consent Calendar
2020 Proposition Endorsements

The CDP By-Laws supersede any information provided by staff regarding the endorsement process, including the information in this document. All candidates, DSCC members, and interested parties are urged to review the CDP By-Laws. A current copy can be found on our website at


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