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Democratic National Convention

California Democrats will send 496 delegates and 35 Alternates to the Democratic National Convention in 2024. All pledged delegates are allocated to the presidential candidates according to the results of the March 5, 2024 Primary. At-Large and PLEO Delegates are chosen by the Presidential Campaigns, keeping in mind our affirmative action goals, and confirmed by the Statewide Delegation at the May 18, 2024 meeting. 

2024 Delegate Selection Plan: 

2024 Delegate Selection Plan

Important Fact Sheets: 

How to Become a Delegate
2024 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan Overview
2024 Delegate Travel Cost
2024 Delegate Selection Affirmative Action Committee

Key Dates: 

June 16, 2023: Opening of Public Comment Period
June 24, 2023: Southern Testimony Hearing
July 1, 2023: Central Valley Testimony Hearing
July 8, 2023: Northern Testimony Hearing
July 16, 2023: Statewide Virtual Testimony Hearing
August 18, 2023: DSAAC Statewide meeting to adopt Final Plan
August 20, 2023: Adoption of Final Plan by Executive Board