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Fundraising Initiatives

As a Democrat, you understand the importance of the work CADEM does to organize, train, and support campaigns up and down the State. But in order to protect the vote, mobilize voters in targeted districts, and get Democrats elected in 2024, we need your support. Grassroots donations build our progressive bench! 

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Join our monthly donor program Donate Every Month 2024! To become a DEM2024 member, sign up to contribute at least $7 each month, or give a one-time $84 contribution. You’ll receive a beautiful DEM2024 lapel pin to show off your commitment to Democratic victories in 2024 and beyond! We all know that campaigns aren’t won on Election Day. They are won by training and investing in leaders year-round and monthly donors allow us to accurately plan and budget for those year-round efforts!

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2024 Trail-Raiser

The California Democratic Party is not only funded by grassroots donors, but also by grassroots bundlers! Trail-Raisers commit to raise $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000 for the CA Democratic Party in small-dollar contributions by Fall of 2024. The CADEM finance team is here to help you reach your Trail-Raiser goal. We provide you with contribution links, talking points, sample emails, call scripts, event support and anything else you might need to help your fundraising efforts. Take your Democratic involvement to the next level and become a Trail-Raiser today!

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join us for the 2024 Democratic National Convention

California Democrats will send 496 delegates and 35 Alternates to the Democratic National Convention in 2024. Learn more how you can get involved!