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DNC Members

California has 30 members of the Democratic National Committee, which includes 20 members elected every four years by the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party (indicated with an *asterisk). The California DNC members represent the State Democratic Party in many ways, including voting on the policies and priorities of the Democratic Party, serving on various DNC committees and Caucus leadership positions, and electing the officers of the Democratic National Committee. DNC members meet with their peers several times a year and are automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention, held in presidential election years.

Current Members 2020-2024: 

Please Note: This is not an application to register as a National Convention Delegate. For information on how to become a Delegate to the 2024 Democratic National Convention, please visit

Declared DNC Candidates

  • Garry S. Shay
  • Michael Kapp
  • Sean Dugar
  • David Atkins
  • Alfred Twu
  • Laurence Zakson
  • Jason Park
  • Ehab Shehata
  • Nav Gurm
  • Andrew Lachman
  • Ali Moua
  • Christian Figueroa
  • Joe Salas
  • Keith (Kaz) Umemoto
  • Otto Lee
  • Derek Devermont
  • Sunjay A Muralitharan
  • Arturo Flores
  • Sergio Carrillo
  • JP Vazquez
  • Michelle R. Krug
  • Rhodesia Ransom
  • Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik
  • Congresswoman Barbara Lee
  • Cari Templeton
  • Carolyn Fowler
  • Sandra M Lowe
  • Susie Shannon
  • Ada Briceño
  • RL Miller
  • Christine Pelosi
  • Marquetta Brown
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters
  • Calli Tullis
  • Norma Alcala
  • Nichole Trujillo Rice
  • Carolyn Wysinger
  • Gurpreet Kaur
  • Honey Mahogany
  • Harini Krishnan
  • Analisa Swan
  • Mary jane Sanchez
  • Patrice Marshall McKenzie
  • Lourdes Cruz
  • Martha Guerrero



Jan 18 – April 17, 2024 – Application Opens / Closes  

Feb 18, 2024 – Email Notice of Application

March 18, 2024 – Email Notice of Application 

April 18, 2024  – Notice DNC Member Election

May 18, 2024 – Election of DNC Standing Committee Members

Mon, August 19, 2024 – Thu, Aug 22, 2024 – 2024 Democratic National Convention Chicago Il.

August 23, 2024 – DNC Committee Members Four-year term begins


The most current Executive Board members of This Committee shall elect the members of the California Democratic State Central Committee Delegation to the Democratic National Committee.

NOTICE – Tentative 

Notice of DNC Member Election shall be given to all members of This Committee at least thirty days prior to the meeting at which the election is to take place and as provided in Article XIII of the By-Laws and Rules of the California Democratic Party.


Shall correspond to the votes apportioned to California by the Democratic National Committee (20 members). 


The name of any individual registered to vote as Party Preference: Democratic in California who has agreed to abide by the CADEM Code of Conduct (by the time of filing).


Candidates may be nominated by self-nomination or by another member of the 2024 CADEM Executive Board. The delegation shall adhere to the Equal Division Rule unless an odd number of members is to be elected, in which case one variation shall be permitted. In a tie vote, the winner shall be determined by lot. 


May 18, 2024 – Election of DNC Members. The candidate(s) with the most votes shall be elected. 


Vacancies in the delegation shall be filled by election in the same manner as specified herein above. Only persons of the same gender as the person whose vacancy is being filled may be a candidate for membership of the Democratic National Committee. 

In filling vacancies, these By-Laws intend to maintain the equal division of the delegation by gender except as allowed by the NOMINATION Section above. 


The term of office of a member of the Democratic National Committee shall be four (4) years. Persons elected to fill a vacancy shall complete the term of the person whose vacancy has been filled.