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CADEM Chair Rusty Hicks Releases Statement on the Governor’s 2021-22 Budget Proposal

SACRAMENTO, CA –  California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks issued the following statement on the Governor’s 2021-22 budget: 

“Amidst a global healthcare crisis, California Democratic leaders are on the forefront of creating practical solutions for all. We reflect on the extreme challenges so many Californians have faced. Millions of people across the state have personally endured the effects of COVID-19 while front-line workers, communities of color, and small businesses continue to be disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Despite these challenges, California Democratic leaders are stepping forward to protect cutbacks from health care and human services programs, invest in equity for our educational system, and establish multiple solutions to support small businesses. 

Today, Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposal of the 2021-22 budget reflects his thoughtful leadership and steadfast commitment to the families and businesses hit hardest by this public healthcare crisis. His priorities to ensure access to the vaccine for all Californians, provide relief to those facing job loss and eviction, rebuild our economy with a focus on small businesses, and invest in our state’s diversity is the roadmap that we need to move forward together. 

As we look ahead, the California Democratic Party commends Governor Newsom for centering our recovery on those who need it most to ensure our state works for all Californians. We look forward to continuing this important work with the Governor, our Legislative Leadership and all Californians to recover and restore the health of the Golden State.”

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