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CADEM Launches Nation’s Largest Voter Protection Program to Fight Back Against GOP Misinformation

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Democratic Party (CADEM), the nation’s largest statewide Democratic Party representing 10 million Democrats, launched its Voter Protection Program today.  CADEM recruits hundreds of trained volunteer attorneys, poll monitors, and hotline operators to field potential voter disenfranchisement issues during election season. 

“Now more than ever, voters across the nation are witnessing Republicans mobilize quickly and strategically in support of restrictive voter suppression laws,” stated Chair Rusty Hicks, “That’s why CADEM is launching its historical Voter Protection Program to ensure that we continue safeguarding the rights of all voters across the state. Despite the hurdles and challenges Republicans have used to deter voters, our Voter Protection Team continues to ramp up efforts in the midterms to counteract voter disenfranchisement and make voting accessible to all Californians.” 

“This year alone, our Voter Protection Team has already fielded over 300 calls to our Voter Resources Hotline,’ stated Voter Protection Team volunteer Sara Roos.  “Our team has addressed and solved dozens of voter-related issues and questions but we need your help! As a volunteer with the hotline, you will help make it easier for people to vote and provide them with better access to accurate and up-to-date voter information. With the margins so close, we need to ensure that everyone who can vote in the midterms has the resources to do so. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be so useful, in the context of a full team so well-supported to help,” concluded Sara. 

Since 1992, CADEM has worked through its voter protection program to protect the rights of all voters across the state. In addition, its volunteer-powered Voter Protection Resource Hotline simultaneously serves as a clearinghouse for all election issues. This year, CADEM will be opening its Voter Protection Resource Hotline on October 17, 2022. For more information during midterms, call (877) 321-VOTE (8683). If you’re interested in volunteering, please to sign up here to do the work. 


CADEM is the nation’s largest statewide Democratic Party, representing over 10 million California Democrats.


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