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CADEM Launches the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan Media Guide

The Democratic National Convention is August 19-22, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Democratic Party (CADEM), the nation’s largest state Democratic Party representing more than 10 million Democrats, will send a total of 496 Delegates and 35 Alternates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The total delegation will comprise of 424 Pledged Delegates and 35 Alternates and 72 Unpledged Delegates. Each state must have a delegation which is 50% self-identified female, 50% other than self-identified female or within one, and must have a Delegate Selection Plan that includes Affirmative Action Goals (quotas are prohibited). 

Who can be a Delegate – Only Registered Democrats (Party Preference) can participate.

Who can attend meetings – All steps in the delegate selection process are open to the Press and the Public.

Breakdown of California’s Pledged Delegates

District-Level Delegates: 277Alternates: 26
At-Large Delegates:   92Alternates: 9
PLEO Delegates:   55
Total number of Delegates: 424Alternates: 35

Breakdown of California’s Unpledged Delegates

Democratic Governor     1
CA Congressional Democrats   40* Some Electeds are also DNC members
DNC Committee Members   30
Distinguished Party Leader     1
Total   72

Gender Breakdown

The number of male and female delegates will not vary by more than one. In the case of non-binary gender delegates, they will not be counted in either the male or female category. 

2024 Affirmative Action Goals

Hispanic/Latino 43% Native American 2% Youth* 35%
African American 12% LGBT 12%
Asian/Pacific Is. 16%Disabled Persons 13% *Under 36

The Affirmative Action Goals were established by the DNC because historically these groups have been underrepresented. It should be noted that some delegates will fall into two or more of the above categories.


Candidates are allocated District-Level Delegates in each Congressional District in which they receive 15% or more of the primary vote and those candidates who receive 15% or more of the statewide vote are allocated PLEO and At-Large Delegates. If Candidate A receives 50% of the statewide vote, then Candidate A gets 50% of the 92 At-Large Delegates and 50% of the 55 PLEO Delegates.  See the District-Level Delegate Guide for the breakdown by CD.


California’s Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Governor Newsom and members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are all automatic delegates to the National Convention. 

DISTRICT-LEVEL DELEGATES – 277 Delegates and 26 Alternates

Each of California’s 52 Congressional Districts (CDs) are allocated from 4 to 11 District-Level delegates, based on population and presidential voting from the 2016 & 2020 elections. Using the same criteria, 26 of the 52 CDs are also allocated 1 Alternate each. Potential candidates for District-Level Delegates must submit Form A, pledging their support to a Presidential Candidate, during the filing period of January 16 through March 21. Caucuses will be held April 21 in each CD where Democrats registered in the CD will be able to vote to slate delegates.  

AT-LARGE (i.e. STATEWIDE) DELEGATES – 92 Delegates and 9 Alternates

Any registered Democrat who is committed to a candidate can apply to be an At-Large Delegate by filing Form B during the filing period of February 12 through April 24. At-Large Delegates are confirmed by a vote of the 277 District-Level Delegates at the May 2024 Statewide Delegation Meeting. 


A PLEO is a registered Democrat from the categories below. No elected official or party leader is automatically a PLEO Delegate. In order to be considered for one of the 55 PLEO Delegate spots, an individual must file Form C, pledging their support to a presidential candidate who received at least 15% or more of the statewide primary vote. PLEO Delegates are confirmed by a vote of the 277 District-Level Delegates at the May 2024 Statewide Delegation Meeting. The filing PLEO filing period begins on February 12 through April 24.

PLEO Candidates in Order: big-city mayors and statewide elected officials; state legislative leaders and state legislators; other state, county and local elected officials; California Democratic Party Leaders. 

A copy of the plan, the attached candidate guides and additional information can be found on the CDP Website at


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