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California Democratic Party’s Executive Board Announces its Endorsed Propositions for the November General Election

Los Angeles, CA – The California Democratic Party, the nation’s largest state Democratic Party representing 10 million Democrats, today voted to endorse propositions for the 2022 November General Election. The endorsements took place during the 2022 July Executive Board Meeting in Los Angeles, California.

The California Democratic Party’s official stances are as follows:


Proposition 1: Prohibits the state from denying or interfering with an individual’s reproductive freedom

Proposition 28: Provides additional funding for arts and music education in public schools

Proposition 29: Requires on-site licensed medical professional at kidney dialysis clinics and establishes other state requirements

Proposition 30: Provides funding for programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing tax on personal income over $2 million

Proposition 31: Referendum challenging a 2020 law prohibiting retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products


Proposition 27: Allows online and mobile sports wagering


Proposition 26: Authorizes new types of gambling

Ballot Measures for Provisional Endorsement

In addition to the official stances on the qualified ballot measures above, the California Democratic Party voted to support a pending ballot measure to raise the minimum wage. If approved for inclusion on the 2022 November ballot by the CA Secretary of State’s office, the proposition will be automatically endorsed by the California Democratic Party.

Furthermore, CADEM’s Delegation announced the results for CADEM’s Interim Secretary and DNC member. Diana Love received a majority of the vote from the Executive Board Members and will serve as the interim Secretary until 2023. In addition, Rhodesia Ransom was elected as the newest DNC member and will serve as one of the 33 members of the Democratic National Committee to represent California.

Click here to download the results here. 


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