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Mobilize, Organize, Elect

MOE (Mobilize, Organize, Elect) is the resource of the California Democratic Party has made available to California’s Democratic Central Committees, their chartered clubs, and other chartered organizations, to advocate on behalf of endorsed Democratic candidates and issues.  

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MOE enables these organizations to manage not only their own voter file and targeting, but their volunteers, members, online phone banks, newly registered voters and neighborhood/precinct leaders within a single integrated online system.

Our objective for MOE is to empower Democratic Central Committees and eligible Democratic organizations with useful tools to maximize their efforts for not just one election cycle, but over the course of many election cycles. We know we have the hardest working activists in California. Now we can combine their hard work with comprehensive and current voter files, membership lists, volunteer lists and the “know-how” to achieve an unprecedented level of success.

With every election cycle that passes, we will strengthen our Party and elect more Democrats.

For additional information, administrative questions or technical support, please contact:

IT Staff
California Democratic Party
[email protected]


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Online Credentialing/Registration for Executive Board Attendees is open from March 11, 2024, and will close promptly on Friday, April 19, 2024, at 5:00 pm.