DNC Members 

California has 35 members of the Democratic National Committee, which includes 20 members elected every four years by the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party (indicated with an *asterisk). The members of the DNC represent California in a number of ways, including voting on the policies and priorities of the Democratic Party, serving on various DNC committees and Caucus leadership positions, and electing the officers of the Democratic National Committee. DNC members meet with their peers several times a year and are automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention, held in presidential election years.

Current Members 2020-2024: 

David Atkins* – David@DavidatkinsDNC.com
Ada Briceño* – ada@ocdemocrats.org
Laphonza Butler
Derek Devermont* – DerekDevermont@gmail.com
Becca Doten* – bdoten@hotmail.com
Sean Dugar*
Maria Echaveste
Carolyn Fowler* – Fowler4dnc@gmail.com
Ron Galperin – ron@rongalperin.com
Eric Garcetti
Christen Hebrard – christenhebrard@hotmail.com
Rusty Hicks – Chair@cadem.org
Lorna Johnson
Michael Kapp* – mdkapp@gmail.com
Eleni Kounalakis
Andrew Lachman*
Barbara Lee* – blee.campaign@gmail.com
Otto Lee* – otto@ottolee.org
Sandra Lowe* – Smarchele@yahoo.com
Kerman Maddox – kerman@dakcomm.com
RL Miller* – rlm@climatehawksvote.com
Christine Pelosi* – pelosifordnc@gmail.com
Nancy Pelosi
Melahat Rafiei*
Will Rodriguez-Kennedy*
Susie Shannon* – susieanneshannon@gmail.com
Garry S. Shay* – GSS1@aol.com
Keith Kaz Umemoto*
Amy Wakeland
Maxine Waters*
Rosalind Wyman
Betty Yee
Laurence Zakson* – zaksonfordnc@gmail.com

For questions please contact:

Estevan Rojas
Operations Manager
Estevan@cadem.org or Operations@cadem.org

Updated on 6/3/2020

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