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Pete Buttigieg Encourages California to Vote, Vote Early and Vote-By-Mail

SACRAMENTO, CA – Former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg joined the California Democratic Party (CADEM) to encourage California to vote, vote early and vote-by-mail. The announcement comes at a time when county elections offices in California are set to deliver ballots by today, October 5.

“We know that this year has been unprecedented. It’s been challenging, it’s been painful, cruel, in so many ways,” says Buttigieg. “But let’s remember the story of 2020 is not yet fully written. And the way I see it, we get to write the last chapter, the most important chapter, together,” continued Buttigieg.

CADEM Chair Rusty Hicks added, “In the next few weeks, we’re encouraging California voters to stay informed but not be distracted by the latest news cycle, poll or plot twist.” Hicks continued by stating, “It’s imperative that we all stay focused on the mission, and that’s to save our democracy.”

In September, CADEM launched the Vote 2020 Truth Squad to provide California voters with accurate and useful information about voting in 2020 – and especially about vote-by-mail. The mission is to ensure that all California voters are included, counted and heard on November 3. 

To learn more about the Vote 2020 Truth Squad, click here.

To download the video, click here. 


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