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Organizing Committee

Save The Date: CADEM Executive Board, August 25 – 29, 2021

The Organizing Committee is charged with:

  • Relational Organizing i.e. harnessing personal relationships year-round to get better voter engagement and higher conversion rates. Provide recommendations on digital tools, methods, and programming that the party can implement to effectively reach all voters in California;
  • Build the strategic organizing capacity of local leaders and county parties by providing in-depth organizing trainings to activists around issues and the latest voter contact tactics;
  • Coordinate and lead voter registration programs aimed at increasing Democratic party registration;  
  • Provide recommendations to the state Party on how to effectively engage with communities of color and how to be intersectional organizers in our diverse state; and
  • Help support candidate recruitment efforts across the state and up and down the ballot, focusing on building the bench of the next generation of leaders.

Committee Roster 2021-2023

Lead Co-Chairs

Martha Garcia

Steve Pierson

Judy Pipkin

Sangeeth Peruri

Luke Tesluk

Julie Waters


Susan Bolle

Edmundo Cuevas Lopez

Jess Durfee

Blake Hooper

Franz Kieviet

Tamara Levenson

Jason Lindsey

Karima Lynch

Abigail Mejia

Justin Meyers

Susan Pfeifer

Domenic Piturro

Michele Reed

Elissa Underwood

James Wisley


Iyad Afalqa

Diana Aguirre

Paul Akinjo

Lisa Andres

Elina Antoniou

Ganesh Balamitran

Rene Bloch

Kristy Boer

Manuel Buenrostro

Michael Chen

Victor Costa

Tiffany Countryman

Krista De La Torre

Poppy De Marco Dennis

Julie Diep

Jehoan Espinoza

Yvette Flores

Bob Forshay

Eliseo Gamino

Olga Garcia

Monette Gavino

Valentin Godina

Susan Goodlerner

Brandon Harami

Dona Hare-Price

Lara Horgan

Kelly King

Annie Koya

Martha Kreeger

Luis Martinez

Angelita Medina

Daren Miller

Val Muchowski

Evelyn Nuno

Stephanie Ocampo

Richard Raya

Monike Reynozo

Matthew Rhoa

Fauzia RiZvi

Renay Grace Rodriguez

Sylvia Russell

Patricia Sabo

Jatinderpal Sahi

Marty Salgado

Patricia Sanders

Robert Schelen

Bonnie Shatun

Constance Sullivan

Elizabeth Talbott

Becca Taylor

Ali Tweini

Tomas Vera

Eric Warmoth

Ken Wyant

Joy Zhan

Zhihan Zou

Committee Staff
Lizzie Heyboer

Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party Bylaws. The CDP Bylaws are available on our website here.