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Platform Committee

The California Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) adopts its Platform every two years. The Party’s current Platform was adopted at the annual California Democrats State Party Convention in 2022.

The Platform Committee is responsible for:

  • Holding at least three meetings throughout the state;
  • Having a platform draft available for interested persons on the first day of the meeting of the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) at which the platform is being considered;
  • Holding a final hearing during the first day of that meeting; and
  • Presenting to the DSCC for approval a final draft of the platform during the second day of that meeting.

Platform Information

2022 Platform

2022 Platform (Adopted 03.06.2022)
2022 Platform Draft Amendment Submission Form
2022 State Convention Rules-Platform Amendment and Adoption Process
2022 Platform Committee Calendar
Platform Plank Subcommittee Member Assignments

2020 Platform
2020 Platform (Adopted 11.17.2019)
2019 State Convention Rules-Platform Amendment and Adoption Process
2020 Platform Draft Amendment Submission Online Form

Platform Plank Subcommittee Member Assignments (Updated 8/26/2019) 

Committee Roster 2021-2023

Lead Chairs

Julie Soo
Michael Soto

Chair Emeritus

Howard Welinsky


Elizabeth Betancourt
Shanna Ingalsbee
Jonathan Lyens
Ajay Mohan
Gracie Torres
Ruben Zarate


Kev Abazajian
Martha O. Acevedo
Daniel Bral
Douglas Case
Veronica Chavez
Arwen Chenery
Hannah Cho
Wendy Eccles
Kevin Hendrick
Corey Jackson
Kiyomi Kowalski
Brian Mineghino
Bijan Mohseni Calderón
Luz Portillo
Jaclyn Prager
Joely Proudfit
William Rodriguez-Kennedy
Sal Rosselli
Michael Sweet
Sunny Zia

Committee Staff

Estevan Rojas

(916) 442-5707
[email protected]

Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party Bylaws. The CDP Bylaws are available on our website here