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David Campos

Vice Chair

David Campos is a formerly undocumented youth whose parents brought him to this country (at the age of 14) escaping political turmoil in their native Guatemala.  Even though David didn’t speak English when he first came to the country, he graduated first in his class from Thomas Jefferson High School, in South Central Los Angeles.  David earned scholarships to and worked his way through Stanford University and Harvard Law School.

David has dedicated his life to public service, having served as a Deputy City Attorney, General Counsel to San Francisco Public Schools, a San Francisco Police Commissioner and an elected member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Until recently, David served as a Deputy County Executive for the County of Santa Clara, where he oversaw the operations of various departments and agencies.

David currently serves as Chief of Staff for progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.  David has been involved in the Democratic politics for close to two decades, having been a member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee since 2004 and having served as Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party from 2017 until his recent election as Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party.