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Diana Love


Diana began her career of service with a degree in Gerontology from Los Angeles Mission College. Serving the most vulnerable members of California’s community has always been her mission, which is why she founded Forget Us Not Community Services, a(501 c3)  nonprofit representing seniors and the disabled. She understands political participation, both personally and generally, to be critical to improving the circumstances of vulnerable Californians and enriching the lives of all our state’s many residents. She has been volunteering with the County and State Democratic Parties of her local community in the Antelope Valley for 14 years, and currently serves as the CDP Region 9 Director and member of the SEIU 2015. She also currently serves as Governor Newsom’s appointee to the Contractors State License Board, member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Chair of the Policy and Legislation Committee for the Veterans Caucus and past Parliamentarian, and Vice Chair for Legislation for the California Senior Legislature. Prior to serving her community through these roles, Diana served as the President and Commissioner for the Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults and California State Assembly field representative. Diana has always recognized that change is a direct result of action, and has additionally collaborated with organizations and sites on various boards past and present pursuing progress for California’s youth, foster care, mental health, voter registration, and criminal justice reform. 

Diana has been and is still dedicated to a life of service and recognizes the importance of community outreach, voter and consumer protection in furthering both her personal and the overall mission to achieve justice for all. 


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