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Voter Questions? Call: 1-(877) 321-VOTE (8683)
Open (9am - 6pm M-F)
Sat-Sun (10am-6pm)
Open (7am - 8pm on Tuesday March 5th)


The California Democratic Party leads the nation’s largest Voter Protection Team which includes a team of volunteers and attorneys who work through election day to ensure that voters in all corners of the state have the ability to fairly and equally exercise their right to vote.

If you have any questions regarding the voting process, call our
CADEM Voter Protection Resource Hotline at 1-(877) 321-VOTE (8683)
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For more voting information, please click the links below.

CADEM Voting and Election
Primer CA Election –
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County Elections Offices – Click Here

CA Early Voting and Vote-By-Mail Ballot Drop off Locations – Click Here

Find  Your CA Polling Location – Click Here

Need Help Voting from Abroad? – Click Here

Call Disability Rights CA
1-888-569-7955 to report accessibility issue during voting or call the main in-take line call 1-800-776-5746 or Click Here

Remote Accessible Vote -by-Mail – Click Here for (RAVBM FAQ SHEET)

When should Call the CADEM VOTER HOTLINE? –
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Official Voter Information Guide – Click to Download

Become Part of the Voter Protection Team!

We are currently recruiting volunteer attorneys and volunteer operators to be part of our Voter Protection Team. Interested attorneys, law students, and activists who would like to be part of our Volunteer Attorney Voter Protection Team may sign up by clicking on the appropriate link below:

*Voter Protection Training for volunteer attorneys is approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California.