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Instrucciones para votar en las elecciones de funcionarios del partido demócrata y directores regionales de 2023

2023 Statewide Officer and Regional Director Elections Voting Instructions

Election Memo and Intent to Run Form

2023 Statewide Officer and Regional Director Elections Memo

2023 Statewide Officer and Regional Director Intent to Run Form
(The form will open at April 4th at Noon PST and close May 17th at 5 PM PST)

CADEM Regions Map


Candidates listed in the order they filled out the Intent to Run form

Gracie Torres
Diana Love
Carolyn Fowler
Glenn Glazer
Region 1 Director
William Monroe
Region 2 Director
Pat Johnstone
Region 3 Director
Jeff Koertzen
Region 4 Director
Orlando Fuentes
Region 5 Director
Alejandro (Alex) Carrillo
Region 6 Director
Victor Azevedo Costa
Region 7 Director
Hene Kelly
Region 8 Director
Rocky Fernandez
Margaret Okuzumi
Region 9 Director
Dominic Dursa
Region 10 Director
Humberto Z. Gomez Jr.
Region 11 Director
Seta Ghazarian
Region 12 Director
Nina Ramos Hiers
Maha Rizvi
Region 13 Director
Dorothy Reik
Henry Montalvo
Region 14 Director
Larry Gross
Region 15 Director
Cindy Chen
Region 16 Director
James Albert
Joe Salas
Region 17 Director
Franbert Calderon
Mariana Franco Pacheco
Region 18 Director
Connie Sullivan
Region 19 Director
Luis Aleman
Region 20 Director
Cory Allen
Region 21 Director
Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik
Region 22 Director
Michelle Krug
Dan Castillo

The CDP By-Laws supersedes any information provided by staff regarding the endorsement process, including the information in this document. All candidates, DSCC members, and interested parties are urged to review the CDP By-Laws. A current copy can be found on our website at