“This is the endorsement that actually helps a candidate win.”–Washington Post

Local Democrats make the decisions about which local and statewide candidates to endorse, so candidates reflect voters' values. That's why Democratic Party-endorsed candidates in the primary are voted through to the general election nearly 100% of the time, and it's a big part of why Democrats have been able to win every statewide elected office in 2012 and 2014. 


Assembly District 51 Special Election

December 5, 2017 General Election Endorsement - Wendy Carrillo

Assembly District 51 Special Election Appeals Committee Report - October 12, 2017


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2018 Endorsement Overview

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The CDP By-Laws supersede any information provided by staff regarding the endorsement process. Please refer to the CDP By-Laws for details.

* Information on the endorsement process is subject to change pending consideration of CDP Bylaw amendment proposals at the CDP Executive Board Meeting, November 17-19, 2017. 

Local Endorsements

The California Democratic Party issues endorsements in federal and state election contests, including statewide, State Assembly, State Senate, Congressional offices, and statewide ballot measures. The Democratic County Central Committees consider and issue endorsements in local and municipal election contests. To find out more about your County Party's endorsement process, please contact the Central Committee near you using the button below! 

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Candidate Endorsement Contacts
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(916) 442-5707

Clark Lee
(916) 442-5707

Kasey Walukones
(916) 442-5707

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